Such as having a snappy headline

Make up a great email in 2021. Such as having a snappy headline. Straightforward copywriting. And simple template design. Grab your reader’s attention Any non-profit looking to drive donations nes a watertight email strategy. It’s a great way to show readers the impact of their donations and how you’re putting their money to good use. The first step you ne to take is getting them to notice you. A well-design email with great copy jumps out at the reader from the inbox. It’s hard to resist and demands attention. So. How do you achieve this effect? Let’s start at the beginning.

Nail the subject line Curiosity

Nail the subject line Curiosity might have kill the cat. But it’s an excellent tactic for writing subject lines. If you can leverage curiosity. You can intrigue your reader into opening your email. Plan their path Plan their path With powerful segmentation. Easily create customiz journeys for your subscribers. Learn more A great subject line: Highlights the benefits of opening the email Is concise enough to get the message across without giving too much away Is personaliz to the reader Spend time writing various subject lines until you find the perfect fit.

Agencies are equally prim to increase

Agencies are equally prim to increase client retention through exceptional transactional emails. If you follow the examples outlin in this post. You’ll be well on your way to creating transactional emails that drive opens. Clicks. Massive engagement. And heaps of revenue. For more transactional email help. Check out the features page and our guide to transactional email for marketers. The email platform for agencies The email platform for agencies We start out helping agencies with email.

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