Through the Bank’s Website or in Person at a Branch

Reviewed and Approved. Credit Limit Every Card Has a Predefined Credit Limit Which. Determines How Much You Can Spend With That Card. Purpose Use Your Credit Card for Various Transactions Such as Shopping, Dining. Travel or Entertainment. Your Purchases Are Recorded and You’ll Receive a Monthly Statement Detailing Your Spending. Repayment at the End of the Billing Cycle You Will Receive a Statement Listing Your Outstanding Balance. You Can Choose to Pay the Minimum Amount Due or the Full Amount Outstanding.

Interest and Fees if You Do Not Pay Your Entire Balance

Interest Will Be Charged on the Remaining Balance. Please Note Annual Late Fees and Other Applicable Fees. Rewards Depending on the Type of Credit Card You Czech Republic Phone Number List Have You’ll Get Rewards Cash Back or Discounts on Specific Spending Categories. How to Get a Credit Card Eligibility for a Credit Card Easily Check the Eligibility of Your Selected Card by Following These Steps Grid Standard. Factors Like Age Income and Credit Score Play a Big Role in Approval.

Apply for the Card Online Complete the Application

Phone Number List

Form With Accurate Information. Submit Documents Prepare and Submit Necessary Documents Such as Identity Proof. Address Proof, Income Proof and Passport Lebanon Whatsapp Number Size Photograph. The Verifying Bank Will Verify Your Application and Documents. This May Include a Credit Check. Approval if Your Application Meets the Criteria and is Appro You Will Receive a Credit Card in the Mail. Activation After Receiving the Card, Please Follow the Activation Instructions Provided by Your Bank.

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