Major Industries Textiles India is One of the World’s

Trends Driving Its Growth.  Largest Exporters of Textiles and Apparel. The Country’s Import and Export Data for This Industry Have Been on an Upward Trend and Exports Have Increased Significantly in Recent Years. The Annual Indian Textile Export Volume is Us$ 100 Million and the Import Volume is Us$ 100 Million. The Main Export Destinations Are the United States, the United Arab Emirates and the European Union.

Electronic and Electrical Equipment the Indian

Electrical and Electronic Equipment Industry Has Been the Driving.  Force Behind the Country’s Import and Export Figures. The Annual Export Volume Kuwait WhatsApp Number List of Indian Electronic Products Reaches 100 Million Us Dollars, and the Import Volume Reaches 100 Million Us Dollars. Automobiles and Vehicles the Indian Automobile Industry Has Grown Steadily Over the Years. India’s Automobile and Vehicle Exports Are Approximately Us$ 100 Million and Its Imports Are Approximately Us$ 100 Million.

A Few Major Export Destinations

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Include the United States, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Agricultural Products India is a Major Exporter of Agricultural Products With a Wide Jordan Phone Number Variety of Crops Including Rice, Wheat, Cotton and Tea. The Export Value of Agricultural Products Was Us$100 Million and the Import Value Was Us$100 Million. Oil and Gas India is a Net Importer of Oil and Gas Mainly Due to Its Growing Industrial and Infrastructure Needs.

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