Make Your Email Stand Out

Game, personification, and fun wordplay on the banner. It’s a good recipe for an Easter email. Easter email template for organic food Easter template with a countdown timer Many Easter eggs on the main banner, pastel colors, and Easter-themed product cards will make your fashion brand’s holiday email memorable. And the countdown timer will remind you that you need to hurry up with an order at super prices. Easter email template for the fashion industry

Here is what you need to do to start your egg hunt:

draw a clever subject line, for example, “The hunt has begun”; explain to subscribers the rules of the Easter egg hunt and invite them to your website; highlight the award information in large print or stickers. Check out some exciting engagement mechanics and email designs created by the Daniel Footwear brand. They invite subscribers to the site to find one of the three eggs and get the corresponding prize. Easter egg hunts for holiday period

You can try and check :

Easter game to boost engagement Add a countdown timer to your Easter email Email countdown timers show the subscriber that the special offer time is about to end, so hurry up. People are afraid to miss out on a discount, so the click-through rate is growing. Easter email campaigns countdown timer Check out our guide if you need to learn how to embed a countdown timer in your email. Some Easter marketing tricks in emails One more block of our tips concerns email marketing and customer behavior.

Make your email stand out with a fun Easter GIF:

Animated GIFs are a great way to add a fun element to an email. The movement attracts subscribers’ attention, delays in the email newsletter, and the right imageĀ  Frist DatabaseĀ  creates a mood. In our article, you will find several examples of using GIFs. The example below shows how the brand offers a promo code, creating intrigue at first until you see what is hidden in the egg. It can be jumping rabbits, eggs, and much more.

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