In the retail market, transactions now take place on a large variety of distribution channels. The trend towards multi-channel – often omni-channel – crosses an increasingly vast and differentiated set of sectors: from food to the automotive sector, from clothing to electronics, to limit ourselves to a few examples.

Forms of virtual retail

Now a structural part of the sales and distribution Brazil Phone Number List system. retail sector Online e -commerce  marketplaces and social selling (which takes place on social networks) are carving out an increasingly larger space within global and interconnected retail markets. There are numerous sellers – from multinationals to small entrepreneurs – who use a model in which they integrate offline exchanges and online interactions in a safe .

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Fluid and transparent way

It is phygital  which we started talking about Albania Phone Number List some time ago, which keeps the virtual and physical together , in an attempt to recompose the most significant aspects of the sales journey into a rich and “complete” experience. Phygital combines attention towards the strategic use of different channels with the awareness that the consumer’s purchasing process must present as little friction as possible and that m.