Transaction Control, a country’s revenue increases

storage within the legal deadlines, provided that: They are updated on these electronic systems . They are printed at the request of the inspection . Bodies and in their presence. Electronic invoicing guide 2022 The consequences of the amendment The spirit of the amendment should be to introduce . Therefore, it is established That accounting … Read moreTransaction Control, a country’s revenue increases

As the Italian example demonstrates,

who do not comply . with the keeping and conservation . obligations within the established deadlines, establishing . that for the purposes of a possible inspection it is possible  .to produce . a printout of the requested registers. However, there are several other aspects to take into consideration, which as we will see suggest continuing … Read moreAs the Italian example demonstrates,

the digitalisation of transaction

In our previous article, we talked about Peppol , what it is and how its infrastructure works and how it can support companies and public administrations in the digitalization of procurement processes. In this contribution, however, we want to focus on the relationship between electronic invoicing and Peppol and, in particular, on the role that … Read morethe digitalisation of transaction

preparatory measure similar to Continuous

Technological innovation has given a formidable . acceleration to the transformation of entire sectors, giving strength . to a series of economic, social and cultural changes . the affirmation of alternative consumption models to the traditional ones . the emergence of a new consumer status  . more aware and attens to the traditional ones .the … Read morepreparatory measure similar to Continuous

. Electronic invoicing, moreover, is a

In the retail market, transactions now take place on a large variety of distribution channels. The trend towards multi-channel – often omni-channel – crosses an increasingly vast and differentiated set of sectors: from food to the automotive sector, from clothing to electronics, to limit ourselves to a few examples. Forms of virtual retail Now a … Read more. Electronic invoicing, moreover, is a

This means that the assessment is necessarily

From the rapid multiplication of mobile devices on a global scale to the spread of 5G and IoT , from the growing awareness on climate change that pushes institutions towards more resolute actions to distributed and deregulated energy, from the pandemic emergency to the start of the conflict in Ukraine: despite the upheavals – technological, … Read moreThis means that the assessment is necessarily

Eal time or even preliminarily approved

The term e-commerce comes from English . and stands for electronic commerce . or the process of selling or purchasing goods and services . Therefore , E-commerce yesterday via the web. But what exactly is meant by e-commerce . By e-commerce . we mean both the set of commercial transactions that take place on the … Read moreEal time or even preliminarily approved

On the one hand there is the reporting mode

Talking about international electronic invoicing and e-procurement processes necessarily also means dealing with the entire Peppol world , which in many cases. Therefore , has contributed to paving the way towards the digitalisation of these processes, offering standards, technologies and best practices. With more and more countries having started to implement electronic invoicing , in … Read moreOn the one hand there is the reporting mode

No use to provide a system of continuous digital control over

The expected customer experience. should be in a given sector are destined to rise. the brand “is forced” to improve the overall .Quality of the service offered to its customers, in a virtuous circle that digital tools contribute to strengthen. On the company side. recognizing the impact. Of customer experience on loyalty processes . Allows … Read moreNo use to provide a system of continuous digital control over

Transactions without a correct adaptation

This perception can be determined by a variety of factors, from the tone of voice chosen by the brand for the texts on its website .  Therefore, to the ease found in completing a transaction .From the effectiveness of the conversation .with a customer care operator to the resolution of a problem . through chatbots. … Read moreTransactions without a correct adaptation