How will e-commerce evolve in the future

what are the new trends and new India Telegram Number Data technologies available . Is it true that the pandemic has led to a growth in e-commerce turnover . We will answer all these questions in this article . but taking a step back to .

understand how and . when e-commerce E-commerce yesterday  was born and why we can talk about e-commerce of the past and e-commerce of the future. DDC – E-commerce yesterday, today and tomorrow Customer Centric and On-demand Service : allowing the customer to manage their purchasing journey according to their needs makes the  .

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BornIt seems absurd

But it is possible to locate in time and space the very first Guatemala Phone Number List order placed on the web. On August 12, 1994, a story appeared in the . New York E-commerce yesterday Times in which Phil Brandenberger of Philadelphia spent $12.48 with a Visa credit card to make . the first online purchase in history. The first object purchased online is a compact disk of one of the singers who made music history .