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what steps need to be taken for a company that has the wilor the need to exchange Hong Kong Telegram Number Data documents via Peppol channels. Webinar – Electronic invoicing in Europe What is Peppol and how does it work? Peppol, or Pan-European Public Procurement Online, was born in 2008 as an innovative project financed by the European Union and aimed at identifying a set of infrastructures and technical specifications capable of enabling and facilitating e-procurement processes at a cross-border level.

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Peppol’s primary objective

Therefore, was immediately to offer interoperable Greece Phone Number List technological solutions capable of enabling the transparent exchange of documents and information between companies and public administrations established in the various territories of the Union. Let us immediately anticipate that, despite being born in a European context, Peppol immediately attracted the interest of companies, bodies and organizations all over the world . For years now, Peppol standards and infrastructure .