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Workflow activity: Directs the user along one path or another based on the user’s activity in the automation itself. Custom field: Check for specific information in any user field. For example:“ country region” field is not Spanish. Group membership: Sending a user one way or another based on whether the user belongs to a particular group. Segment participation: more or less similar to the previous point, but related to the segment.

After having tested the layout designer for

 Action: You can add different actions to each user when they do something: Update new database custom fields: Update user fields. Copy to Group: Copies the user to another group, keeping the original group. Move to Group: Same as the previous, but move it. Remove from the group: Do I need to explain? Tagged as unsubscribe: Users cancel their subscriptions and will no longer be affected by automation. Move to another step: Send the user to another step in automation.

few hours, I have detected some things

 I created a test automation and added the following process: Trigger: “ very primitive me, uh” when the user subscribes through a form I call ( embedded form). Defining Conditions: Satisfying: I created a scenario for users who met the link Frist Database criteria in Click Activity. Unsatisfied: I moved users to a new group, he ended her automation. Set a delay: For the above conditions, I set a delay hour to continue the flow.

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