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 E-commerce automation: E-commerce automation is perfect for triggering automation when a user leaves the store checkout desk, buys a specific product, buys a specific category of products Once we choose when to perform automation, we have to add different steps to it. The steps that can be added to the process are: Email: You can create an email from the steps themselves that is valid only in the process. Delay: Allows you to add a delay before the next event in the startup process.

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You can enter hours, days, weeks, months, and even define the number new data of days, even the exact date, of the hour, week, or month. Condition: Add two different paths to the flow. One is for those who do not, the other is for those who do not. Conditions are determined according to the following criteria: Marketing activities: Users must have performed certain actions in the marketing activities, such as opening an email, clicking a link, etc.

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Marketing Campaign Send: After completing all the previous steps in the process, I send marketing campaigns to eligible people. You see, creating a simple automation is easy ( master vocabulary!). Now you just use your imagination and Frist Database create your own workflow, funnel, funnel or call it . How to use Create a pop-up To create a pop-up in it, you must go to the main form section and follow these steps: Click the first tab named “ pop-up ”.

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