Economic Theory of Happiness

It will be a “free” world: not free, but at least free . It is the gospel of Chris Anderson, guru of  Wired , who in 2009 published his eagerly awaited  book: “Free”  According to some, Anderson was the epigone of a  new culture , revealed with the success of the web, where the costs of publishing and distributionrmation are almost nil. Just think of blogs, Facebook, YouTube. But the director of  Wired  goes further: he talks about an economy based on free economics. Where waste can become a resource. In depth



In the early 2000s the term “Sharing Economy” began to appear following the evolution of social technologies and the common feeling of exponential increase in the global population. The Sharing Economy is a relatively recent phenomenon that hasfrom  Whatsapp Mobile Number List acc its roots in customs that are not too modern. On the contrary. These business models have their roots in the oldest human instincts:  cooperation, sharing and flexibility. Among these models we can include actions such as: renting, giving away, exchanging, bartering, etc.. Further information

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when the population is aware that inflation is rnd therefore the purchasing power falls, people stop buying. This behavior leads the prophecy to self-fulfill by increasing inflation. Here’s how the state, with the demand (us), influences market dynamics



Erlastin’s paradox, better known as ”  the paradox of happiness “, is an economic theory built on empirical and scientific foundations which maintains that in certain cases happiness, understood as  individual well-being, does not increase proportionally to income : but the variables of  relational goods and lifestyle are decisively inserted into the relationship between income and happiness . But why are we more unhappy if we earn more? read more



There is no better explanation than that of the film a beautifl mind:

Adam Smith needs to be reviewed (he thought people only move to maximize their usefulness)! …If we all hit on the blonde, we block each other. And in the end… none of us get upset. So we hit on her friends, and they all turn away from us, because nobody likes to be a rebound. But if no one hits on the blonde instead, let’s not get in each other’s way, and let’s notum  Frist Database priceoffend the other girls. It’s the only way to win. …The only way for everyone to get laid! …Adam Smith said that the best result is when each member of the group does what is best for them, right? Incomplete. Incomplete! Because the best result is obtained… when each member of the group does what is best for himself and for.

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