Software adapted for a professional kinesiology clinic

Among the clinical specialties that we can manage with the Clinic Cloud software is kinesiology. A kinesiology clinic needs special services for its management. In this post we analyze kinesiology as a medical discipline and the use of management software for a professional kinesiology clinic.

Kinesiology is the medical discipline that deals with human movement. His field of study focuses on the skeletal neuromuscular system.  The organs and parts of the body responsible for carrying out movements.

What is achiev through kinesiological treatments is to improve and maintain the patient’s physiological capacity, often recovering a patient’s psychomotor capacity.

What is kinesiology and how it is applied

Areas of specialization of kinesiology
We said that kinesiology deals with body movement, to cover this specialty, kinesiology is divid into three specialties:

Biomechanics: Studies the forces that act on living mechanisms, in this telephone lists case the human body, and the movements they generate.
Musculoskeletal anatomy: It is the study of muscles and bones and how they act when body movement occurs.
Neuromuscular physiology: Studies the relationship between neuronal actions and their muscular response.
Therefore, a kinesiology clinic will take care of those patients who have suffer damage caused by movement. Or patients who have restrict motor abilities for some reason.

Medical software for a kinesiology clinic

Clinic Cloud medical software is prepar to adapt to different types of physiotherapy clinics, and of course. It can also be customiz taking into account the specific needs of a kinesiology clinic.

For the kinesiological treatment of a patient, it is essential to analyze their evolution. Follow the patient’s development and check any improvements that may have occurr. Clinic Cloud has its own medical history management system in which we can check how the treatment affects the patient, their previous ailments and other personal specifications that allow us to apply the most appropriate treatment.

In addition to the practical application of the software. This system also allows you to manage billing and all the financial aspects of your clinic, and you will Frist Database also be complying with the privacy requirements requir by the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

If you want more information about the Clinic Cloud software, contact us, we will help you implement a cloud system adapt to your clinic.

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