Between decarbonisation and energy transition

To stabilize the climate and limit risks to the environment, science has long shown us an obligatory path: energy transition , decarbonization and reduction . Therefore , of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere . It is the “ net zero carbon ” approach : the amount of carbon dioxide released through daily activities by a person, a company or a country is balanced by absorbing or removing the same amount from the atmosphere. In reality, the formula .

Indicating those activities

That manage to actively prevent the release of carbon dioxide , for Canada Phone Number List example through sustainable production processes and the exclusive use of renewable energy sources . Therefore, Decarbonisation , in particular, is a long-term objective in which companies operating in the utility sector have been investing attention and resources for some time . The objective, shared with international institutions and organisations, is to obtain, over a horizon between 10 and 30 years, a significant reduction in GHG emissions .nt of carbon dioxide released through daily activities by.

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Among the main causes of climate change

Infographic – Utilities: the trends of an increasingly digital Albania Phone Number List sector Utility planners (those within companies who promote and organize innovation) can boast a history of excellence. Therefore,  in planning energy transmission, distribution and generation structures . This tradition of excellence has found in digitalisation a formidable driving force thanks to which it is now possible to rethink decarbonisation and the methods of its implementation, accelerating in the short term.  nt of carbon dioxide released through daily activities by .


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