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we have dealt with the concepts of Brand Awareness and Real Time . Marketing: starting from the evolution of the definition of Brand . Awareness and how Content Marketing helps to strengthen brand awareness. Until we get to what Real Time Marketing is . In this regard, we will deal with this very topic in this article, listing the best examples of Real Time Marketing . Ebook – Marketing of 2022. Data at the center of trends and strategies It’s February 3, 2013. Inside the Caesars Superdome in New Orleans the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore.

playing the Superbowl final

A blackout has obscured half th e lights of the gigantic Malaysia Phone Number List structure, forcing the most important football match of the season to stop. And it’s not just the interruption of one of the most followed sporting events in the world. With hundreds of millions of people glued to the screen, the Superbowl was an absolutely unmissable opportunity for marketers: the space for the broadcast of a thirty-second advertisement cost 4 million dollars that year. At 8.48pm (3.48am in Italy), in a still suspended atmosphere, Oreo publishes a tweet that is destined to remain in history.

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 You can still dunk in the dark

which the power gone out? You can dun even in the dark.” The famous Bahrain Phone Number List biscuit brand owned by the Mondelez International group collected 15,500 retweets in just 14 hours, and the same image of the tweet, posted on Facebook, received 20 thousand likes. Even though that evening almost 10 years ago was not the first time a brand used a real-time approach, Oreo’s tweet still remains one of the most powerful examples of Real Time marketing ever . And almost certainly the most cited. The Washington Post wrote that announcements like the Oreo tweet presupposed a real “leap .

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