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we talk about invoices, in Italy .we now inevitably refer to the electronic invoice .which represents for almost all Italian economic entities the only invoicing method since at least 2019 . the year which saw the introduction of the electronic invoice obligation in the sector. B2B and B2C. The obligation to issue electronic invoices in Europe to public administrations (B2G) had already been in force since 2015.

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The only country in Europe in whichelectronic invoicing UK Phone Number List is mandatory in all B2G . B2B and B2C areas (with a few exceptions .which are however destined to disappear in the short term). Non-European countries . on the contrary . Therefore, have long adopted an approach similar to the Italian one . Therefore,  in many cases presenting themselves as precursors in this area. But the situation in Europe and in the world is evolving rapidly , with the introduction by various states of measures aimed at extending the use of electronic invoicing to all sectors.

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recently proposed a package of reforms which also  tcontains new . obligations Argentina Phone Number List in relation to electronic invoicing starting from 2028. In this contribution we will explore the current situation and the next obligations that European and non-European countries . Therefore, will introduce starting from 2023 . Why have other European countries not yet introduced electronic invoicing . The question that is often asked is . why adopt electronic invoicing?” and the answer has already been given many times.

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